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Residential & Industrial Construction

TUF Civil have over a 30 years’ experience in residential construction, alterations and additions.

Experienced trained and professional tradesmen.

Single dwellings to multiple housing development.


TUF Civil have been undertaking construction of New homes, Alterations and Additions for over 30 years. TUF Civil have worked with, and have also utilised virtually every building material known within the industry.
TUF Civil work jointly with known Licensed tradesmen, who all have long proven reputations over many years with a vast array of designs and work.
We work in association with these excellent tradesmen as friends & working colleagues achieving premium results for all out projects.
Quotes are free and so is any advice we may be able to offer you for your project.


Industrial construction is second nature to TUF Civil undertaking a vast range of projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Onsite precast is a dominant skill at TUF Civil which we have been actively involved in for nearly 20 years.

TUF Civil regularly integrate both steel fabrication and installation with all their Industrial projects.