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Marine & Civil Construction

TUF Civil have successful and expert experience in Marine civil Construction.

Our work boat vessel is a heavy diesel operated work boat MASA compliant, certified and engineer design modified vessel designed exclusively for marine work. Suitable for inland water or open sea ocean work.
Work boat includes multiple options for handing and managing awkward or otherwise excessive weight elements and materials.

TUF Civil have a vast range of manually operated hydraulic tools and equipment all competently utilised by experienced and trained personnel.

All our equipment is suitable for use both above and below water.
All Hydraulic tools equipment can be plugged into any of 3 independent hydraulic power sources throughout the work boat vessel, all run at the same time.


Excellence in safety

All Hydraulic equipment and lines are triple safety wrapped for any possible chance of failure or line burst to both safe guard our operators and also to avoid any possible environmental harm or breach.

These safety precautions are were self-initiated and implemented by TUF Civil exceeding any known
safety precaution in existence within Civil or Marine industry nationally.

TUF Civil are ever constantly improving and implementing on all safety related issues to exceed all industry standards.