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Concrete Housing

Is an exciting residential niche we have been actively involved in undertaking professionally for over 20 years.

TUF Civil provided expert and professional advice for services and expertise for all realms of construction but, through repetitive excellence and results in concrete housing we have had demands to deliver design concepts and perform construction of concrete residential works here in Australia, but also in New Zealand, New Guinea, Malaysia, and even Russia.

TUF Civil have been building and designing concrete homes for over 20 years.

We have unequalled knowledge and experience in Concrete Residential housing. The technology and innovative design principles we integrate are revolutionary and unique to our design principles.

Each situation and design and even each site/landscape will present a different set of potential problems. What we all want to avoid is both cost and time blow outs. We’ll turn your difficulties and likely even your financial or design fears, including any site or landscape concerns, into financial and design benefits and gains for you. We’re experienced at it, with many projects under our belt.

‘TUF Civil’ independently have also invented and developed the ‘TUF Housing System’.

We build brand new homes and or additions using the ‘TUF Housing System’. You can view our ‘TUF Housing system’ and some of the results blow. TUF Civil can integrate dependent on client requirements (if required) a combination of materials incorporating our ‘TUF Housing system’, into existing/established residences or a clients own unique floor plan or design.

The TUF housing system integrates enormous gains in construction speed, cost, thermal, acoustic and seismic considerations. In addition to rapid install and assembly on site. Secondary trades, and second fix works are rapidly integrated within the design professionally.

The TUF Housing Systems concept has been proven and implemented in snow covered mountains of New Zealand and the vast pelting hot weather deserts of Australia with unequalled rivalry.

If you are entertaining a new concrete home regardless of location then you need to speak to us.

Below are some examples of both the ‘TUF Housing System’ and also other variants we do.