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Local metropolitan Adelaide Hills

For all your concrete works … requiring experience and professional results in;

Exposed aggregate

There are many choices of exposed aggregate and even ‘company brands’ available. Pick two or three types of exposed aggregate you like before you ask for a price because the prices for each are often different and sometimes significantly. We’ll help you if you need.

Painted concrete

An option not often used but can have great results aesthetically and practically both commercially, industrially and also with resident homes, don’t overlook it as an option especially in existing premises. It’s very economical. Price; inspection required.

Polished Concrete

The variants in polished concrete ‘are vast’. If new work you can let your imagination run wild. And if you can afford it include a few ruby’s, opals or if you like… even beer bottles in it.
Aggregates vary a lot in both density and colour especially when polishing concrete. But … a little time spent envisaging your finished or expected result before placement of concrete stage can have staggering and profound results for you.

If you have existing placed concrete we can price that for you on a project by project basis. Giving a m2 rate is difficult because of other factors for Polished concrete work.

Coloured concrete

Price; inspection required

Shed floors

Price; inspection required

Stone works, walls and heritage works and restoration

Price; inspection required

Retaining walls

Price; inspection required

Driveways / footpaths

Price; inspection required