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TUF Innovation

Construction Design Innovation and Technology

A contract consultancy service for building projects or structures.
Large or complex construction projects incorporating multistorey or multiple housing projects.
Regardless of size, or location any were in the world.

The our role Incorporates but is not limited to; Material mediums, Building Technology, construction strategies, management / labour skill sets, construction innovation, design (innovation).

We work on a percentage rate of the savings you make. Example; Your current projected cost for the project is $10,000,000.
Our proposal if accepted will prove a minimum savings of 25% in your over cost to complete the project.
That’s a savings of $2,500,000.

If your venture is a 12 month project … and we reduce your completion time by 25% (3 months) that in itself justifies our involvement if for no other reason. 
If the completed construction cost was identical to that which was projected, unchanged at completion, however…, it was finished 3 months early, you have revolutionised your construction business. Being able to extrapolate potentially the same times saving principles, again and again.   

After our analysis and presentation if the proposed solutions are presented and accepted.
We will assist you, oversee and identify those areas, activities needing input or advice throughout the project, it’s to your and our benefit to do so. We can also assist with specialist skill sets if required, professional, supervision or even hands on training and management if needed.


It’s a win for everyone.

Successful applications of our strategies have been utilised in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, no matter where your location, or region there will be a multiple options and solution(s) for you.

Please contact as via Email at; TUFInnovation@bigpond.com